West Seattle High School senior charged with rape

WEST SEATTLE — A Senior at West Seattle High School has been charged with rape, for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl during an underage drinking party last November.

According to documents just filed in King County Superior Court, 18-year old Jackson U. Sullivan raped the victim inside his van when she became “incapacitated” after drinking alcohol.

Friends of the alleged victim became concerned when she couldn’t be located during the party, so they went in search of her and “located the victim inside the defendant’s van.”

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The girl was “covered in vomit and partially clothed.” She was also intoxicated to the point of being “non-verbal,” according to charging documents prepared by Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Christian Brown.

Those documents also reveal, when questioned about what had just happened, Sullivan responded to the girl’s friends, saying, “I thought she was good for it.”

When interviewed by detectives, the girl said she “couldn’t form words but was able to scream in pain, yet even such screams did not stop the rape.”

Both Sullivan and the alleged victim are students at West Seattle High School, according to the Seattle Police Department’s Case Investigation report.

After a count of rape in the second degree was filed, a $350,000 warrant was issued for Sullivan’s arrest, officials said.

Just before 2 p.m. Wednesday, the Seattle Police Department told KIRO 7 that Sullivan was in custody.

What concerns investigators and prosecutors, according to charging documents, “There are potential other victims of other acts of sexual violence alleged to have been committed by the defendant. Those individuals have provided statements in this matter and their cases are still being investigated and will likely result in future charges.”

Attempts to contact the suspect and his family for comment -- through publicly available phone numbers -- were not successful.