‘We have nothing’: Tacoma contractor allegedly stole thousands from at least 5 homeowners

A Fircrest man is suing his contractor for fraud, after paying out $83,000 for what amounts to a giant hole in his yard.

“I have a big hole in my yard that I have half-filled in that was dug up by a backhoe,” Ed Burk described.

The lawsuit says Burk paid contractor Scott Kenyon for an addition. But according to court documents, all the Fircrest resident received in six months was that hole.

“The bottom line is he took mine and my family’s money and maybe did 1% of the job that we paid him to do,” he said.

Burk is not alone -- he’s one of at least five homeowners suing the Tacoma-based contractor.

Kenyon is also listed as Steilacoom’s building inspector and code compliance officer. And so, we went to the town’s administrator Paul Loveless for some answers.

Loveless says that he has not read any of the lawsuits filed against Kenyon, and that “the civil stuff is usually outside the purview of his duties here.”

Labor and Industries records show Scott Kenyon’s wife Karin as the owner of K and S Renovations. But customers say they never saw Karin on the job or sign contracts.

However, it’s easy to find Scott’s.

Brett Heersink and Wendy Yocum of Eatonville are also suing Kenyon. Court documents say the couple signed a $115,000 contract to turn a garage and workshop into their new home.

“This was supposed to be our home, so we could take care of the ailing family members and also just live out our days here,” Wendy told us. “And we have nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

Their lawsuit says all the contractor left them with was a hole and incorrect drawings.

“We just want justice served and we want our money back,” Brett said.”

It was a similar story for Leanne Hedley too.

I sold my home and moved my family of 35 years to be with my mom as she ages,” she described.

All she wanted was an addition. Then in January of this year, court documents claim Kenyon’s contractor registration was suspended. Three weeks later, Leanne fired Kenyon with losses she claims are nearing six figures.

“I moved here two years ago and I still have nowhere to live because it’s such a mess,” she said.

“We checked that the fact that he was a contractor, there were some reference checks done,” she added, although none of the lawsuits came up during that process.

Paul Loveless says he didn’t know about the lawsuits because they weren’t filed until after Kenyon took the job.

However, on July 31 of this year, K and S Renovations was hit with four contractor violations by Labor and Industries for unlicensed plumbing and electrical work.

The people on the other side of the civil matters are also wondering why you’re doing this -- what would you say to them?” we asked Loveless.

“I would say it’s my understanding that Mr. Kenyon is attempting to resolve the particular issues involved with the lawsuits that have been filed since he came to work here concerning matters that occurred prior to him coming to work here,” he answered.

Scott and Karin Kenyon filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on July 27th. This will be his third filing.

“I think it’s a cop out,” Leanne said. “I think he’s used to doing this.”

Leanne Headley’s lawsuit says she signed with Kenyon in 2021. Meanwhile, Kenyon’s own home was undergoing construction in October of that same year. After renovations, his home now stands at 2,100 square feet with three bedrooms, two and three-quarter baths, and no holes in his yard. Zillow estimates it’s worth more than a million dollars.

So, what does Kenyon have to say to the people who he allegedly owes thousands of dollars to?

“Nothing,” he told us. “I have nothing to say.”

“He wants to keep his house and million dollar water view while the rest of us squalor and try to figure out how to recoup our money,” Leanne said.

The Kenyon’s response to the customers in court records say that Leanne Headley breached the contract, and that Ed Burk’s damages were caused by his own actions.

Finally, the Kenyon’s admit some money should be returned to Heersink and Yocum from Enumclaw, without specifying exactly how much.

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