Washington's most dangerous roads for cyclists

SEATTLE — A new study shines a light on the most dangerous intersections for cyclists in Washington.

Seattle tops the list, but other cities aren't far behind.

"I went 90 feet after the impact," said cyclist Bill Stevenson.

Stevenson will never forget the crash that sent him soaring into a Olympia curb and shattered his collar bone.

"By far the worst incident I've had," he said.

He said the driver who hit him was driving on East Bay Drive going close to 50 miles per hour.

"I hate to tell stories like this, but it does happen," said Stevenson.

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A new study from Colburn Law lists the state's 35 most dangerous spots for cyclists. (Link: 

Researchers complied 3,000 bicycle crashes from 2013 to 2017, creating "danger zones," which are areas where five or more bicycle crashes occurred within 1,000 feet of one another.

The most dangerous intersection is 4th Avenue and Pike Street in Seattle, where there were 54 crashes, 43 minor injuries, and two serious injuries.

The second most dangerous intersection is 12th Avenue and East Pike Street in Seattle. There were 30 crashes, 21 minor injuries, and eight serious injuries at that location.

At 2nd Avenue and Columbia Street in Seattle there were 31 crashes, 26 minor injuries, and two serious injuries.

Other cities that made the list were Bellingham, Everett, Kent, Olympia, and Lacey.

"You've got to be responsible for your own safety," said cyclist Isaac Twito. "They're going to win if you're playing chicken with them."

Many cyclists said safety has come a long way. Stevenson hasn't had a close call in years.

"They seem to give you a lot more room than they used to," he said.

According to the study, deaths and serious injury collisions have decreased, but distracted driving remains one of the most common causes of crashes.

To make roads safer for cyclists, in 2016 Olympia began adding bike corridors to roads where traffic is light.