WA Senate passes bill to increase access to affordable childcare and strengthen the workforce

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The Washington State Senate passed Senator Claire Wilson’s bill on Thursday that would increase access to affordable childcare and strengthen Washington’s childcare workforce, Sen. Wilson announced in a news release on Friday.

The goal of Senate Bill 5225 is to allow more families to qualify for state-subsidized childcare. To do this, the bill would expand the eligibility requirements for the Working Connections Child Care program.

Childcare providers are struggling to find employees. This is often because the staff can’t find their own childcare. SB 5225 would make childcare employees eligible for the subsidy, so they can go back to work, the news release said.

“Expanding eligibility to more families will not only result in children getting more care, but it will also make for a strong, stable, and available workforce,” said Sen. Wilson.

The bill would also expand the eligibility for families in the therapeutic court system. Along with providing stable and consistent care for their children.

SB 5225 would also allow childcare access for parents who aren’t eligible because of documentation status.

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