Victim in murder for hire plot: ‘Did I know she was capable of this? Of course!’

Baron Li, 48, survived being shot 9 times in July. Bellevue police say he was the target of a murder for hire plot orchestrated by his ex-wife.

Bellevue police arrested Shaerin Kelley,30, and two 17 year-old accomplices on Thursday. They are all in custody for investigation of attempted murder.

Detectives say Kelley offered to pay the teen $13,000 to kill her ex-husband, then that teen offered to pay another 17 year-old to be the getaway driver.

“Did I know she was crazy, did I know she was capable of doing this? Of course, without a doubt,” said Baron Li. He says his wife’s time was running out as they headed to trial in a custody battle over their 6 year-old special needs son. Li says he’s been battling with his ex-wife over custody for five years.

“The real target’s not me, I was in the way, the target’s my son and I’m glad he’s going to be safe now,” said Li.

Li says his ex-wife was after their son’s trust, a  settlement from when Arik, 6, suffered brain damage when was born. He says he’s been watching over his shoulder for 5 years, since they got divorced. Li says he tried to tell the court Kelley is dangerous and no one would believe him.  He said he even reported to police that she tried to run over him with her car, twice.

Now that she’s in custody he hopes he can focus on recovering and caring for his son.

“It was a relief, this is the beginning of the end and closure for both me and my son,” said Li.

Li has nerve damage in his right arm and can’t use his hand. He doesn’t know when he’ll be able to return to work.

Kelley and the two 17-year-olds are expected to be charged with attempted murder on Tuesday. The prosecutor has not announced if the teens will be charged as adults.

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