UW professor weighs in on recent shootings, says US needs stricter gun control on federal level

VIDEO: UW professor weighs in on recent shootings

SEATTLE — Recent changes to gun laws in Washington are aimed at increasing safety and avoiding mass shootings like the ones we saw this past weekend.

But according to UW political science professor Christopher Parker, he said we will likely continue to see this kind of violence unless there's stricter gun control nationwide.

“If this didn't happen when kids are getting killed. Come on right? It's not going to happen,” said Parker.

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Parker believes the country had its best shot for change  after the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting which left 20 children dead.

Since then, Washington was among the states that passed some of strictest gun legislation in the country.

The voter approved I-1639 - which became law last month -- requires new training requirements, enhanced background checks and other provisions for people who want to buy semi-automated rifles.

But professor Parker said even with stricter laws in places like Ohio and Texas,  a mass shooting is still a real possibility.

"There needs to be a federal fix for this because a determined person all they have to do is drive one, two or three states over get it and come back,” said Parker.

Since the shootings, Democratic presidential candidates including Gov. Jay Inslee have come out to attack the current White House administration for not doing more on gun control.

Parker said this may do little to convince the president to do more on gun control, even if there are more mass shootings leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

“Think about who Trump's base is,” said Parker. “His base loves guns. He can't seem weak now.”

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