UW Medicine gives tips to sleep well during a heat wave

Sleeping during a heat wave with no air conditioning can be tough. The University of Washington Medicine gave some tips to get quality sleep.

Dr. Martha Billings, a physician at the Sleep Medicine Center at Harborview, suggests:

  • Limiting excess bedding.
  • Circulating air around your bedroom with a fan in front of an open window.
  • Drinking cold water.
  • Not doing vigorous exercise in the evening.

Billings also says that consistent sound, such as white noise, can provide comfort or distraction.

“Some white noise I think can be helpful to kind of cut down on the environmental noises, because everyone has their window open,” said Billings.

Billings also suggests taking a cool or warm shower before bed.

“Take a hot shower to kind of vasodilate or take a cool shower and just get, especially your head, wet,” said Billings. “That can really cool your body down and then kind of relax you as well.”

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