UW developing robotic arm that can feed the disabled

PHOTO: Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Enginerring

SEATTLE — Researchers at the University of Washington are working on a robotic arm that can put pieces of food on a fork and then deliver them into a person’s mouth.

UW says that according to census data from 2010, about 1 million adults in the U.S. have to depend on another person to help them eat.

The robotic system that’s under development at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering can make the task easier.

According to the university:

After identifying different foods on a plate, the robot can strategize how to use a fork to pick up and deliver the desired bite to a person's mouth. The idea is that this system would be attached to people's wheelchairs and feed people whatever they wanted to eat.

The robotic arm will put pieces of food into a researcher's mouth during a demonstration for media Friday afternoon.

For more information, visit the team's web page and watch a video demonstration below.

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