Search for thieves who rammed into Costco, opened fire on jewelry case

ISSAQUAH, Wash. — Police are searching for three suspects who they said on Sunday rammed a stolen truck into the Issaquah Costco before opening fire on a jewelry case inside.

Police said the incident happened around 6:30 a.m. when Costco was closed to customers, but employees were inside.

Police said an employee was told to leave when a suspect pointed a gun at the worker, but no one was hurt.

The suspects reportedly got away with some stolen goods in a second vehicle.

A neighbor in the area said he was walking his dog when he saw dozens of Costco employees standing outside and said a manager suggested he leave.

“There were still some people at large, and we should clear the area,” Jon Smith said.

About 14 hours after the brazen crime, the damaged truck was pulled from inside the store.

Issaquah police said it was stolen from Tacoma, and they are investigating what was stolen by the thieves.

Smith said his daughter works at a nearby store and the theft concerns him, but he is not surprised something like that happened.

“We’ve seen a lot of stress in the area. It just seems like the next thing that’s happening,” Smith said.

The store didn’t open Sunday.

As for the thieves, police said they were wearing dark clothing but did not have further details.

They are also looking into the getaway ride and whether it was waiting or stolen.