Three more rock-throwing attacks on I-5

SEATTLE — Three more vehicles, including a semitruck, were struck by rocks thrown off Interstate 5 overnight.

It happened hours after two people were arrested for similar crimes on Interstate 90.

This brings the number of reported rock-throwing incidents on freeways around Seattle to nearly 70.

We are asking Seattle’s mayor if she is doing anything to help stop these potentially lethal attacks.

All three vehicles, including the semitruck, had windshield damage.

And in each case, there was no description of the suspect.

But this surely means every driver on area highways must be vigilant because this can happen at any time of the day or night.

The rock-throwing spree on I-5 began at about 3 a.m. Tuesday. A semi truck heading southbound was struck by a rock near the Columbian Way interchange.  Its windshield, shattered.

“I have heard about it,” said Charles Jones of Auburn.  “And I think it’s disgusting. I think it’s very dangerous.”

About 5 1/2 hours later, a driver was headed southbound on I-5, this time near the James Street overpass.  Again, a rock was thrown onto the freeway.  And again, the vehicle’s windshield was damaged.

“I know I panic when I see something hit my windshield when like a rock coming at my window,” said Carrie Breeze of Lynnwood.  “So God forbid something dropped down, and I don’t catch it, you know, veer off the side of the street or worse.”

Then at about 10:30 a.m., a third vehicle was struck by falling rocks onto I-5 near the Dearborn Exit.  And again, the windshield was damaged.

In each case, the culprits vanished before anyone got a look at them.

This is the kind of damage drivers are facing. It happened to this Tacoma man on Saturday night.

“I’m amazed that I’m completely fine,” said Rick Hecker on the next day.  “If there were any other situation, it could have gone completely wrong.”

Over the weekend, two men were arrested in separate incidents.  But one of the men, 43-year-old Mario Hanson, was let go after the Washington State Patrol looked at surveillance videos that showed he was not doing anything wrong.

The other suspect is undergoing a mental health evaluation. All of it galling to those who drive these freeways.

“Whoever’s doing it, person, organization or whoever, they need to stop,” said Jones. “Because they have to think about babies, you know what I’m saying.  There re elderly people involved.  I mean, it’s just, it’s too risky.”

“So yeah, definitely,” agreed Breeze. “Not OK; not OK.”

Washington State Patrol confirmed that it is working with Seattle police to try and catch these culprits.

In fact, they worked to find them on Tuesday. But the suspects remain elusive.

We checked with the mayor’s office to see if she wanted to weigh in.

A spokesman said the mayor has no comment about this  dangerous situation.