Tech-savvy grandma makes more than 500 masks

WOODINVILLE, Wash. — A 92-year-old Woodinville woman donated hundreds of homemade masks during the pandemic, putting her internet skills and time spent social distancing to good use.

“I just felt in my heart I got to do something. What can I do?” said Flo Kolick.

Driven by compassion, 92-year-old Kolick has sewn hundreds of masks for her friends, neighbors and even strangers.

A lifelong volunteer, this tech-savvy grandma discovered a meaningful way to contribute while staying safe at home with her family in Woodinville.

“My daughter-in-law says try YouTube and see if it can help you. So I went on YouTube, and that is my bible. I use it a lot now, especially since they taught me how to use it,” said Kolick.

Guided by online tutorials, Kolick has sewn more than 500 masks since the start of the pandemic. Her family has helped deliver them to area fire departments, community groups and organizations that support the homeless.

“I do wish my grandmother could have been there to see it because I do think it would have been a great experience for her, but I do hope she knows people are really appreciative of the hard work she has done,” said Allie Parrett.

Kolick’s granddaughter, Parrett, is proud to see her grandma dedicating time to helping others, showing anything is possible at any age.

“It’s never too late to get involved and show up for people. It’s never too late to learn something. She learned how to do YouTube University at 92 — like you can do it,” said Parrett.

For Kolick, she hopes her story motivates people to just be neighborly and inspires other acts of kindness big or small.

“Life is so short. I don’t care how you live or how long you live. If you want to live with your community, be a good person in your community. Be nice, be nice to everybody,” said Kolick.