Surveillance cameras show man going on shooting spree inside South Hill mall

Puyallup police say surveillance cameras caught Jordan Poisson dropping into the South Hill mall after breaking in through the roof and going on a shooting and stealing spree once inside.

The 22-year-old is seen shooting his way into shoe and clothing stores, firing rounds into display cases and carting off armloads of stolen goods. Investigators said the shooting and burglary spree in the early morning hours Tuesday was heard by employees inside the mall who called police.

“There were some individuals within the Macy’s that we’re aware of,” said Deputy Pierce County Prosecutor Fred Wist. “We do not have statements from those individuals yet, so that’s another piece of evidence that we would like to look at.”

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Cameras followed Poisson running through the mall allegedly choosing stores he wanted to break into. Once inside he would take what he wanted then shoot his way out apparently unaware that people were in the mall at 6 a.m. listening to gunfire echo through the empty shops, according to police. He then shot his way out of the mall only to find police waiting for him outside.

“As officers arrived the suspect was running out of the front door of Macy’s. He had just shot out the front door,” said Puyallup police Capt. Ryan Portmann.

Poisson arrived in court wearing a protective suicide prevention smock. Jailers and prosecutors said they are worried he may try to take his life now that he is behind bars facing charges of theft, burglary, malicious mischief and illegal discharge of a firearm. Deputy prosecuting attorney Fred Wist asked to wait until Thursday to charge Poisson because prosecutors still have to go through all the video of him inside the mall.

A spokeswoman for Cafaro Company, owners of the South Hill mall responded to KIRO 7’s questions in an email statement saying the shooting spree caused a total of $25,000 damage to property and merchandise. No one inside the mall was hurt.