A surge of voting hours before Election Day

VIDEO: A surge of voting hours before Election Day

KING COUNTY, Wash. — There’s been a massive surge of voting, with less than 48 hours until Election Day. Right now, 72% percent of King County ballots are already in.

But now, some experts are raising concerns about election night.

It’s been busy at ballot dropboxes in King County all day, with voters making sure their ballots are in the mix before Election Day.

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But they still have some concerns.

“I could have mailed it,” said Muhamed Sinyan. “But I want to make sure it’s there, and it’s counted, you know.”

And the Kent resident said he has a special reason to be concerned.

“This is the first time voting,” he said. “So I gotta make it count.”

It is a sentiment he shares with even seasoned voters who are dropping off their ballots.

“We’re only a couple of days away,” said Melanie Apostol, of Seattle. “And it’s really important to get the vote in. And it’s beautiful and sunny outside. Definitely wanted to do it.”

“Want to make sure it counts,” said Erik Samuelsen, who drove to Renton from Kirkland.

“Want to make sure it gets in,” agreed his wife, Sharron Samuelsen.

“I figure,” added Erik," this is going to be the safest place to drop it off."

Indeed, voters have responded to the siren call to get their ballots in early in record numbers. More than a million people in King County alone have already dropped off their ballots. And the ones dropped off Sunday haven’t even been added to the tally.

Still, experts said voters here have little to fear.

“It’s not really possible to hack an election in the state of Washington,” said James Long, UW associate political science professor. He has his own podcast on election security called “Neither Free Nor Fair?”

Long said this state uses a variety of technologies that make its election system among the safest in the world.

His main worry is the potential for court challenges to election laws in other parts of the country, depending on how each candidate is doing on election night.

“That’s why I wouldn’t say I’m nervous, but a little bit uncertain,” said Long, “because a lot could be settled for the first time much like we saw with Bush v. Gore, which was unprecedented at the time. Definitely stay tuned.”

No ballots were processed Sunday. Most of King County Elections' staff members were given the day off, considering the long days they have already worked and the long days still to come.

But they will be back on the job on Monday.