Street racing among new laws, changes going into effect in Washington in 2024

OLYMPIA, Wash. — As we enter into 2024, several new state laws and changes are going into effect.

Street racing:

One law expands the definition of street racing to incorporate “racing on any off-street facility and drifting.”

Senate Bill 5606 prohibits unauthorized street demonstrations — known as takeovers, sideshows, or stunt shows —which usually involve street racers taking over roads and doing donuts or drifting with spectators dangerously close to the cars.

If convicted, it carries a possible fine of up to $5,000 and a year in jail. In addition, police can impound drivers’ vehicles.

Several other big laws in Washington state take effect in the New Year.

Drug testing:

Under Senate Bill 5123, most employers won’t be able to discriminate against applicants who legally use cannabis outside of work.


House Bill 1143: A ten-day waiting period will be required before buying any firearms in Washington.

Firearms dealers cannot make a sale or transfer guns until a background check has been completed. In addition, 10 days must have passed since the background check was started.

Buyers must also show proof they have completed a firearms safety course in the last five years.

Other new laws include:

House Bill 1048 - Enhances the Washington Voting Rights Act.

House Bill 1058 - Commercial driver’s licenses.

Senate Bill 5236 – Hospital staffing standards.

Senate Bill 5046 - Concerning postconviction access to counsel.

Senate Bill 5199 - Provides tax relief for newspaper publishers.

House Bill 1477 – Expands the Working Families Tax Credit.

Senate Bill 5319 – Regulates the pet insurance market.

State minimum wage increase

The Washington state minimum wage for workers over 16 will increase 3.4% from $15.74 an hour to $16.28, according to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

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