State sues 2 gyms for remaining open during stay-home order

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson says he's suing two gyms that have continued to operate in violation of the governor's Stay Home, Stay Healthy proclamation, but he's giving them a last chance to avoid a fine.

Ferguson said Tuesday that his office had given several warnings to Northwest Fitness Company in Puyallup and to Power Alley Fitness in Arlington. He said that if they close down by Wednesday his office won't seek fines or legal fees.

Power Alley Fitness says on its website it's in a fight with Washington's government over its constitutional rights.

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Ferguson said the gyms are also getting an unfair advantage over competitors that remain closed, which violates the Consumer Protection Act.

If the businesses refuse to close, the state will seek monetary penalties and legal fees.

In addition to the state’s lawsuit, the City of Arlington notified PA Fitness owners that, because they are operating unlawfully, the city has the right to revoke their business license, impose daily penalties, seek a court order to stop their operation, and refer the case for criminal prosecution.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.