State patrol warns public to slow down after 98 collisions in King County since Tuesday

KING COUNTY, Wash. — Washington State Patrol is asking drivers to slow down and prepare for more rainy weather after dozens of collisions have happened in the past few days.

Trooper Rick Johnson took to social media urging drivers to “once again to slow down, turn headlights on, and expect standing water on the roadways.”

This is after state patrol responded to 98 collisions in King County since Tuesday morning.

Heavy rain drenched I-5 for most of early Tuesday morning, and not only in King County.

Bands of rain drenched I-5 from Grand Mound all the way up through Lacey and beyond.

“I’ve got a long ride to Auburn hopefully it’s not too bad, I already know when I hit Highway 18 it’s going to be rough but I’ll get through it.” said commuter Courtney Green.

Although the weather was just a nuisance for some, it also caused a collision that blocked a lane of an on-ramp on State Route 18.

There was also a crash in Lynnwood where rain caused a vehicle to slide off of the roadway in Alderwood.

“It rained the other day and there were already wrecks on the highway I’m assuming the same today I just want to make it to work safely,” continued Green.