SPD releases bodycam video of improvised explosive devices thrown at officers in Saturday’s protests

VIDEO: SPD releases bodycam video of improvised explosive devices thrown at officers

SEATTLE — On Sunday, the Seattle Police Department released video that shows improvised explosive devices being thrown at officers during violent protests Saturday.

Authorities said 59 officers were injured, including one who was treated at the hospital.

Officers used blast balls, pepper spray and sponge-tipped rounds in clashes with demonstrators and reported they had arrested 47 people.

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During the violence, police were hit with rocks, bottles and improvised explosive devices while dispersing a crowd with blast balls.

There was even an explosive used by someone to blast through the wall of the East Precinct, creating a small hole leading inside.

However, a lot of the destruction caused in yesterday’s protests were at the King County Youth Detention Center.

Vehicles were vandalized in the parking lot at the center.

Rioters used sledgehammers and shattered car windows in the parking lot while, at the same time, a row of construction trailers at a site next door were fire-bombed after about a dozen rioters scaled a fence.

Arson and vandalism are being investigated at the sites.

Although there were many clashes and violence Saturday, protesters told KIRO 7 on Sunday they will continue to peacefully protest despite the danger.

“We will continue to show up for Black Lives Matter regardless of the intimidation and regardless of the propaganda that says this is about looting,” a protester said.

Earlier Sunday, a planned protest and a march, which was supposed to begin at Westlake park, broke up shortly after dozens of officers suddenly surrounded and towed cars and trucks that were illegally driven in the park.

As for the 47 protesters who were arrested Saturday, all are expected to appear in court Monday.