‘Sorry haters! You didn’t win this one!’: Pride flags torn down and replaced throughout Carnation

CARNATION, Wash. — Vandalism targeting the LGBTQ+ community in Carnation has captured the attention of almost everyone in town. According to the founder of Snovalley Pride, 14 of the town’s 16 pride flags were ripped down late Friday night into early Saturday morning. The owner of ‘Bear and Bee Used Books,’ Christa Charter, showed KIRO 7 surveillance video of two people running toward her storefront and ripping down her Pride flag which bent the flagpole right into one of her windows.

“The flagpole in front of my shop was bent down, broken and the pride flag was missing,” Charter said. “What was going through my mind is I’m going to catch these little…..bad people.”

The City Manager of Carnation tells KIRO 7 they plan to ask the Department of Justice to investigate what happened. The city sent this statement:

The City will reach out to the Department of Justice to request a full investigation of the vandalism that took place overnight. The City administration under the guidance of the City Council has zero tolerance for hateful actions directed to any members of our community. – Ana Cortez, City Manager

Snovalley Pride founder Gregory Jamiel says within hours of the pride flags being torn down, the community stepped up big and helped replace all of them.

“So, that did not deter us. That did not affect us. That did nothing except for strengthen our community and pull people even more for support,” Jamiel said.

“So you know, sorry haters! You didn’t win this one!” Charter said.

As many in Carnation believe showing unity in a moment of hate is what Pride Month is all about.

“And it didn’t work. We are back up and the window will be fixed. Life will go on and things will get better,” Charter said.

The King County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the vandalism.

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