Some CHOP zone members write open letter to organizers proposing changes

SEATTLE — Some Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone members wrote an open letter to organizers proposing changes.

Some of the proposals include setting up safe use areas for drugs and alcohol near the outskirts of CHOP, which would include signage that would encourage people to keep a safe distance from CHOP while intoxicated.

They also proposed reducing the hours of activity to prevent late-night chaos and problems. It was suggested organizers, medics and others come out between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

In part, the letter states that the suggested hours would “(thin) out the bodies at CHOP to just those intended for peacekeeping and occupy purposes” and “(encourage) those protesting and keeping the message alive to REST.”

The letter also called for better communication beyond using social media.

These changes come after a man was shot and killed near the protest zone, and another was injured early Saturday.