Snohomish County neighbors surprised by overnight snowfall

LAKE STEVENS, Wash. — Several areas across Western Washington woke up to snow Monday morning. Some areas, like Lake Stevens in Snohomish County, got over an inch of snow.

Residents there had to bust out the ice scrapers.

“Do you like or hate this type of weather?,” reporter Briseida Holguin asked.

“I don’t mind it, we don’t have enough of it to worry about it, kind of a nice change,” said Howard Ryder.

Many residents say the snow comes as a surprise.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect anything at all, so this is more than I want to deal with, but it happens around here,” said Ryder.

“Everything is starting to bud and getting ready for gardening season, so I wasn’t really wanting the snow,” said Hillary Nettles.

With spring just 22 days away, the cherry blossoms are already blooming.

“Definitely it’s the last thing I would of really expected,” said Carson Coloton.

Cars were covered in snow and roads full of slush.

“It’s kind of like a snow mix rain,” said Nettles.

Conditions caused a two-hour delay for several school districts across Snohomish County, like Lake Stevens, Sultan and Everett.

“They are sleeping in, which is good,” said Nettles.

“I like snow because it can just be fun to watch it but it’s horrible because I have to wear specific shoes and it’s like really cold, you’ve got to layer up, huh,” said Coloton.