Semi hangs over barrier from I-5 express lanes

Semi hangs over barrier from I-5 express lanes
(Seattle Fire Department)

A semi-truck ended up dangling over a barrier above the Mercer Street onramps to I-5 in Seattle on Wednesday.

It went off the road at the southbound express lanes onramp.

Only the semi-truck was involved in the crash. The driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

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When it went off the road, the truck hit a tree, which fell and is blocking the Mercer Street onramp to northbound I-5.

Tow crews recovered the semi truck from the bank. A Seattle Department of Transportation crew also cleaned up a fuel leak.

WSDOT said its crews did not find any structural damage to the bridge aside from damaged railing that has been replaced by a barrier while permanent repairs are scheduled.

I-5 express lanes through Seattle have reopened.

(Washington State Patrol)