Seattle sex trafficking claims by Spokane father accused of murder not corroborated by police

SPOKANE, Wash. — Police in Spokane made an arrest Oct. 29 in a case involving alleged sex trafficking in Seattle and the murder of a 19-year-old man who was beaten and stabbed after being tied up and put into the trunk of a car.

60-year-old John Eisenman told police that in October 2020, he discovered that his underage daughter’s boyfriend, Andrew Sorenson, had sold her into a sex trafficking organization in Seattle for $1,000.

According to the Spokesman Review, that claim has not been corroborated by investigators.

The allegations of sex trafficking are all coming from Eisenman, Spokane police spokesperson Nick Briggs told the Review.

“We can’t corroborate the veracity of any of those statements,” Briggs added.

Eisenman said he traveled to Seattle and rescued and returned his daughter to Spokane that same month.

In November 2020, Spokane police believe Eisenman learned that Sorensen would be in Airway Heights, west of Spokane.

Police said Eisenman confronted Sorensen, where he zip-tied him and put him in the trunk of a car.

Court documents said Eisenman threw a cinder block at Sorensen’s head and stabbed him several times in the stomach, killing him.

Sorensen’s body was left in the trunk, and the car was abandoned in North Spokane County for nearly a full year.

In a statement to KHQ, Sorenson’s family refuted the allegations of sex trafficking.

“Claims (of sex trafficking) by his confessed killer have been very hurtful and only added to our family’s grief,” the statement reads.

The statement said Sorenson was adopted out of foster care and had several disabilities, including cerebral palsy, autism and developmental delays.

In October 2021, police believe a third party, apparently without knowing there was a year-old deceased body in the trunk, drove the car back to Spokane and left it on East Everett Avenue.

On Oct. 22, Spokane police received calls from another party that discovered the body in the trunk while rummaging through the abandoned car.

Spokane police arrested Eisenman on a first-degree murder charge.