Seattle residents skeptical over public safety concerns in now-viral Fox News segment

SEATTLE — A now-viral Fox News segment put the debate over public safety in Seattle on full display this week.

In the segment which aired as part of “The Five,” Seattle residents were asked about their level of concern over crime in their city. Most of the responses asserted that narrative may be overblown.

“I saw a lot of people shooting up on my way here,” a Fox News reporter pointed out.

“Oh, you did you? And they were bothering you?” said a Seattle resident, now known across social media as “Green Jacket Lady.”

Others seemed similarly skeptical.

“I’ve never seen any crime in Seattle -- I’ve never seen any of it,” another person said. “I’ve seen fun and laughter.”

“Crime is a social issue that can be solved by giving people their basic needs,” said a third person.

Fox News pundits in the segment argued that the responses they garnered from the three people they spoke to demonstrate how “residents in blue cities are embracing the decay.” They went on to highlight the recent news that two Seattle Targets will be closing, after the company cited concerns over retail crime and safety.