Seattle property owner holding illegally parked Car to Go vehicle hostage, demanding payment

SEATTLE — A Seattle property owner upset with a car share vehicle parked illegally in his driveway is now holding that car hostage.

Dan Smith has set up a barricade around the silver Mercedes “Car to Go” vehicle parked in front of his home near 6th Avenue North and Halladay Street in the Queen Anne neighborhood.

He said the car was left there by a customer since May 17.

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He now wants Share Now, the company that operates Car to Go, to pay $65 a day for vehicle storage fees, $300 for the barricade and up to $500 for what he calls harassment fees. He said his renter, Asad Rasheed, has been bothered and even cursed at multiple times from Car to Go customers who wanted to get the car out of the driveway.

KIRO 7 reached out to Share Now, and they said according to their records on May 18, one day after the vehicle was left in Smith's driveway, seven Car to Go customers, tried to rent the vehicle but they could not get to the car because the barricade was already up.

They also said they had sent their fleet vendors out to remove the car several times, but the workers didn’t feel comfortable removing the barricade to get the car.

Smith said he wants to speak directly to Share Now agents and so far that hasn’t happened.

Rasheed told KIRO 7 both he and Mr. Smith are frustrated because this is not the first time car share vehicles have parked in their driveway.

“People are not made aware of where to park, where not to park and how to use them,” said Rasheed. “This is a common occurrence. This once a month, once every two months. You see cars parked there.”

According to Share Now, customers who park their vehicles in private driveways or other spots deemed "illegal" - will be held financially responsible for things like tow fees and parking tickets. Their memberships could also be suspended.

Share Now said they are working to contact Smith but no payment will be made.

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