Seattle direct-ship, tree-friendly toilet paper company donating rolls to needy

SEATTLE — As toilet paper is scarce in stores during the coronavirus pandemic, a Seattle company that sells it direct to consumers is donating a lot of its stock.

The environmentally friendly business has a mission to help people in need.

Cloud Paper’s motto is “We roll different,” but it’s rolling with much higher demand with people staying home due to coronavirus.

Ryan Fritsch and Austin Watkins often work out of the South Park warehouse sending out toilet paper direct to consumers through the mail.

“What we see is that people say, ‘This is amazing! I didn't know that there were other alternatives out there,” said Fritsch.

They estimate their business is up 600 percent.

“A huge influx of orders and we've been working around the clock,” said Watkins.

Cloud Paper wanted to make toilet paper environmentally friendly and did so by using bamboo as the base.

The startup kicked off last year with the goal of cutting all tree products from the toilet paper pipeline.

“About 20 percent of deforestation globally is for toilet paper and paper towels -- about 40,000 trees a day,” said Watkins.

Bamboo grows faster, which helps maintain the supply.

Even though it's made from bamboo, it looks and feels like traditional toilet paper and is quite soft.

Aside from the product being environmentally friendly, Cloud Paper said it’s giving away rolls to those in need. The company donated 10,000 rolls to Food Lifeline, which is headquartered right across the street.

“They literally bring their forklift over, drive it across the parking lot, and load up in our warehouse,” said Fritsch.

Food Lifeline hands out the rolls along with food to those in need.

During this time of high demand, Cloud Paper did not raise its prices and believes its home delivery model is something consumers will continue to roll with.

“We’re glad that we’re here with the right product at the right time,” said Watkins.

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