Seattle Council considers diverting some money meant for school safety projects to general fund

SEATTLE — The Seattle City Council is considering a plan to divert nearly $1 million from its school zone and red light camera fines into the city's general fund, but that plan is coming under criticism.

The people most upset with the plan are pedestrian advocates who say the red light camera funds should be put back into keeping pedestrians and students safe.

The fine for a red light camera infraction is $136.

The city currently takes all school-zone camera funds and 20 percent of red light camera infractions for school safety projects.

Under a proposal from council member Sally Bagshaw, the city would combine all red light camera funds in 2018, 2019 and 2020 and put them into the city's general fund.

Bagshaw says the city has collected more funds than anticipated, but pedestrian advocates say it’s another sign the money needs to get re-invested.

There's the sentiment from those who support the school red light cameras that the funds should go back to what they were intended for before the budget is approved.