Seattle Community Police Commission calls for suspension of officer caught mocking woman’s death

SEATTLE — The Seattle Community Police Commission (CPC) is calling for the suspension of the officer who was caught mocking the death of 23-year-old Jaahnavi Kandula via bodycam video.

On Wednesday the CDC voted to send a letter to Police Chief Adrian Diaz, requesting Officer Auderer be suspended indefinitely without pay during the investigation.

“This officer has cost the city apparently almost $2 million since 2014. When you look at that piece what is the cost value of an officer who continues to cost the city money from misconduct in the past,” said one member.

The video came out on September 11 and has made waves since it was released.

Officer Daniel Auderer is heard joking about Kandula who was hit and killed by another Seattle officer. In the video, he goes so far as to say she had “limited value.”

The CPC was created to give the department policy recommendations while they stayed under review of the federal government, because of the consent decree from past problems.

“We know wonderful officers, but we also know there’s a culture that allows for hatred and devaluing life at SPD and that‘s what we want to root out,” said CPC Co-Chair Rev. Patricia Hunter.

The CPC also asked Chief Diaz to take part in a community workshop.

We’re told the CPC will wait and see what the Office of Police Accountability investigation uncovers.