Sanders wins Wash. state party endorsement

(AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

SEATTLE, Wash. — In an unprecedented move, the Washington State Democratic Party has endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders for president at its state convention in Tacoma. The endorsement came despite the fact that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the party's presumptive nominee.

State parities don't usually endorse candidates before the National Convention.

Bernie Sanders won 70 percent of the Democratic delegates in Washington and his followers were able to change the rules to permit the endorsement as a show of respect for their candidate and his issues.

The endorsement is merely symbolic, but some Sanders supporters believe the move will make it easier for them to support Clinton in November.

Sanders supporter Jerry Abbott said that it's going to be easier for them to back down and go along with what needs to happen.

In a bid for unity, party leaders brought in the only US Senator to endorse Sanders,

Still, Oregon's Jeff Merkley drew some jeers when he asked delegates to consider the issues at stake and support Hillary Clinton.

“We need Hillary Clinton to win this election," Merkley said.

In response, Sanders supporter Kareen Shanks shook her head, raised her arms, and pointed her thumbs downward.

“No decisions are made yet. Still counting in California,” she said.

California had its primary on June 7 and CBS News says Clinton has 56 percent of the vote.

So the reluctance of some of Sanders' supporters to accept the loss frustrates many Clinton supporters.

”There's a few that are going to do Bernie or bust and you know, oh well, what can you do," Clinton supporter Nancy Pease Hogan said.