Salmonella outbreaks linked to backyard poultry

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning of Salmonella outbreaks linked to backyard poultry flocks. 109 people have gotten sick including several in Washington State.

Most of the illnesses have occurred between March and early May. 33 people have been hospitalized.

43% of the people infected with Salmonella are under 5 years old.

Backyard Poultry including chickens and ducks can carry Salmonella even if they look healthy.

People can become sick by touching birds or anything in their environment and then touching their mouth or food.

The CDC recommends washing your hands immediately after being around backyard poultry including touching the birds or their eggs. Also avoid eating or drinking around them.

You should supervise young children around backyard poultry as they are more likely to become very ill from Salmonella.

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