Sacha Baron Cohen crashes rally in downtown Olympia

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen made a surprise appearance at a conservative rally in Olympia over the weekend.

Dressed in blue jean overalls, a red flannel shirt, a cowboy hat and a full beard, Baron Cohen disguised himself as a singer for the phony band, the Alright Boys.

He stole the stage during Saturday’s March for Our Rights 3.0 rally and he made some pretty violent comments.

“Over the next few minutes, he ramped it up to overtly offensive and then overtly racist,” said Matt Marshall, event organizer and WA 3% founder.

Marshall said an organization called Back to Work USA reached out and wanted to help with the event. However, he now believes it was all a well-orchestrated scheme and Baron Cohen was the star.

“On one hand, I’m honored I’d be crossing his radar. On the other hand, I think it’s terrible that when we have all this racist divisiveness in our country right now that he’d exploit that for humor and money,” said Marshall.

Video shows the crowd listening to Baron Cohen’s song and then beginning to boo the performance and give him the thumbs down.

Marshall said Baron Cohen's team blocked the stage so people running the event couldn't take action.

“I, with about six other men, jumped the barrier and overpowered the security guards,” he said.

Shortly after, Baron Cohen rushed off the stage and hopped in an ambulance.

Marshall said people in the audience were mad and they don't want anyone to think they agree with the racist, over-the-top comments in the song.

“While it’s protected free speech, I think it’s disgusting and shouldn’t happen in America, but the First Amendment is the First Amendment for all,” he said.

Event organizers are considering taking legal action.

KIRO 7 reached out to Baron Cohen’s publicist, but hasn’t heard back.