Rivalry football game between Gig Harbor and Peninsula high schools turns dangerously violent

A rivalry football game between Gig Harbor and Peninsula high schools turned dangerously violent Friday night when a late hit - a body slam and a punch - landed Gig Harbor’s quarterback in the hospital with a broken jaw and displaced teeth.

Video shows the play at Roy Anderson Field but the actual assault happens out of the left part of the video after the quarterback throws an interception.

Peninsula players shove him down. That’s a legal football play but according to the Tacoma News Tribune, a second Peninsula player then picked the quarterback up off the turf and body-slammed him after refs whistled the play over.

You can see his teammates sprinting in that direction but the video does not show it.

The parents of the Gig Harbor quarterback accuse the Peninsula player of also punching him after his helmet came off.

The injured player had to wait for paramedics to get to him because they were reportedly helping an intoxicated student in a porta-potty.

The Gig Harbor player is being treated for a fractured jaw, which needed surgery over the weekend, and a concussion.

The Peninsula School District says an investigation is now underway. We’ll let you know if there are suspensions coming up.

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