• Retrofitted ambulance serves as Washington state's first marine wildlife emergency response unit


    A retrofitted ambulance serves as Washington state’s first marine wildlife emergency response unit.

    The ambulance, owned by Seaife Response, Rehabilitation and Research (SR3), is saltwater proofed and includes special equipment for marine animals.

    There are seats in the back, as well, for veterinarians to ride along with injured marine animals for stabilization in critical cases.

    "Washington state has thousands of miles of coastline,” said Lesanna Lahner, executive director and lead veterinarian at SR3. “Unlike other states, such as California, where there are multiple marine rehabilitation facilities, Washington does not yet have a facility dedicated to caring for stranded and injured marine wildlife."

    Talks are underway between SR3 and the city of Seattle for a facility that would include saltwater pools, a rehabilitation center and research facility.

    "Our vision is to bring the status of Washington's wildlife back to a point where it can flourish," Lahner said.

    Read more about SR3 at this link.




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