Residents warned to brace for power outages as fall storm hits western Washington

As this atmospheric river blows into western Washington, there may be some power outages in the area. Heavy rain and high wind are forecast for the next couple of days.

“I don’t like it at all,” Twyla Collins, an Everett resident, said. This combination of wind and rain could lead to major headaches from Seattle to the North Sound.

“We can expect that some limbs will fall and that we might have trees come down over lines, and those things can create outages,” Kellie Stickney, a spokesperson for Snohomish PUD, said. “Call, report your outages. You can do that online at snopud.com on our outage map. You can also call us directly to report your outage, so report those outages so we can come deal with that and get those trees and lines cleared up.”

No matter where you live, you should have emergency kits for your car and home ready to go.

“Making sure you have flashlights, extra batteries, keeping your phone and electronic devices charged if you have those battery packs for back up, maybe having those charged up and ready to go as well,” Jenn Strang, a media relations manager from Seattle City Light, said. You should also keep warm clothes and blankets nearby. Also, have nonperishable food and extra water on hand.

“We always plan for the worst, hope for the best,” Strang said. However, no matter how prepared you might be, this cold weather is a shock to the system for most.

“Usually, it’s a gradual progression into the winter and, right now, I’d usually have my gloves on. Right now, it feels like it could snow,” Tony Collins, who lives in Everett, said.