Redevelopment of abandoned Everett field could help create 1,300 jobs

VIDEO: Plan to create 1,300 jobs in the North Sound

Port of Everett administrators unveiled a plan that would potentially create 1,300 new jobs by revitalizing the site of an old lumber mill.

Located at 200 West Marine View Drive, the Bay Wood mill site has been vacant for nearly 30 years. Yet, it will soon be a hub of both economic and environmental activity.

“I think everyone can look back and will say that it was worth doing, and we were able to deliver on our mission,” said Erik Gerking, Director of Environmental Programs, Port of Everett.

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This week, the Port of Everett got a state grant to transform the entire Bay Wood mill site.

As part of the plans, a green energy factory will be built, possibly contributing to 1,300 new jobs.

Additionally, just a few hundred yards away, contaminated soil and debris along the Everett waterfront will be cleaned up to create a new sanctuary for salmon and wildlife.

“There’s a lot of people involved. This is a big team approach to put this together,” Gerking told KIRO 7 News, adding that much of the work will be funded through a grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology.

Overall, construction and redevelopment will cost $1.5 million.

Beyond the new jobs and the new environmental habitat, there will also be a new haven for outdoor lovers.

For the first time, a nature trail will run through the Bay Wood mill site, giving people direct access to the Puget Sound’s amazing sights.

“That’s kind of an exciting piece too, is for the public to get down by the waterfront and be able to experience this newly created wildlife area,” said Gerking.

Work on the redevelopment will begin in October and last for at least six months.

“We’re very excited be a part of bringing jobs back after this pandemic has hit and the economic effects it’s had, so this is all good stuff we believe,” Gerking stated.