Annual number of homicides in King County highest ever since reports began in 2006

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office released its annual report on Wednesday, bringing new insight into reportable deaths for 2021.

The KCMEO – who investigates sudden, unexpected, violent, suspicious, and unnatural deaths – has released an annual report since 2006.

Homicides in the county hit another milestone with 131 in 2021. It is the second time – 2020 had 125 homicides – that homicidal deaths in the county were in the triple digits.

The report also included insights into overdose deaths, with deaths in 2022 (523 deaths) already surpassing 2020 totals (509 deaths).

Usage of fentanyl and methamphetamine have skyrocketed since 2019.

In 2019, 194 people overdosed on methamphetamine and 109 people overdosed on fentanyl.

By 2020, 232 people overdosed on methamphetamine and 169 people overdosed on fentanyl.

According to the new report, in 2021, 365 people overdosed on methamphetamine and 385 people overdosed on fentanyl, with fentanyl overtaking methamphetamine usage for the first time.

The report notes that people may be represented in multiple lines, by using a combination of drugs to overdose.

The complete report can be found at kingcounty.gov.

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