Queen Anne ‘Stranger Things’ house takes Halloween to another world

SEATTLE — A Queen Anne home is flipped upside down. Well, it was flipped into the Upside Down, as the owners transformed the house and front yard into the terrifying setting in Netflix’s show ‘Stranger Things’. 

It’s the fifth year the homeowner has gone all out for Halloween. Last year, the trick-or-treater numbers hit the hundreds for Richard Knowles’s III home, but this is the first time he’s recreated the Netflix hit.

“Last year we had about anywhere between a thousand and 1,100,” said Richard. “It’s part of the show where you’re in Vecna’s mind basically, that’s the bad guy. Right before he goes and kills you.”

But Vecna’s mind wasn’t built in a day.

“I started those demogorgons about four or five months ago. It took a while. Those were the first things I did and then I just little by little over the last two months I’ve been building the rest of it,” said Richard.

In past years Richard’s home has been transformed into the Bates Motel and the Rosebud Motel. He said it took over a week to put the pieces together and assemble the display. It’s something his neighbors look forward to each year.

“I did come ready to take a picture of it. I am going to actually message it out to my team at work so they can enjoy it,” said Susan Campbell, who lives nearby. “The attention to detail is amazing.”

Richard, when asked why he goes all out for Halloween using almost fifty cans of spray foam, paper mache, and hot glue, said it’s because he likes seeing how creative the kids get trick-or-treating.

“One kid was a washing machine last year the laundry was like turning. It was so crazy he made it all by himself,” he said.

Richard’s setup doesn’t stop at the front porch, there is a little walk-thru haunted house.