Queen Anne bakery starts off 2019 with a break-in

The new year got off to a rough start for one Queen Anne bakery with a break-in that left the front of the store smashed open.

KIRO 7's Ranji Sinha spoke to a manager at the bakery who said the whole crime was a waste of time for whoever is responsible.

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According to the shop manager the people who broke in tried to get through the front door and the back door but were not successful, so they ended up smashing their way through this window.

It was a break-in amid baked goods.

"The first thing you worry about, is everybody alright?" said Russell Belcher, manager of Macrina Bakery.

In 2019 Macrina Bakery's focus should be on cookies, muffins and bread -- not someone trying to steal cash from the register.

"They weren't able to come away with anything," Belcher said.

But now he has to find a way to fix the shattered front door that greeted his customers Wednesday. He also has to fill in the boarded-up space where a window used to be.

"Smashed through this one and shattered the glass completely," Belcher said.

Seattle police say someone broke into the bakery overnight Dec. 30-31, 2018.

During the day, Macrina Bakery is rolling in dough, but by closing they usually donate all their baked goods and take all the cash away.

"The registers in there -which we don't leave cash in-were smashed thrown on the ground and tipped over but nothing was taken," Belcher said.

On the second day of the new year, it was back to business and baking with a hope that whoever bashed their way in is caught.

"I know this thing is common in the holiday times. It's sad because it should be a time when everybody's happy, instead of out here vandalizing," Belcher said.

Despite the significant damage to the door and storefront, the bakery does hope to have everything repaired within a week.