Protesters gather at potential site of proposed opioid treatment center in Lynnwood

A proposed opioid treatment center in Lynnwood continues to draw controversy from the public.

Protesters gathered at the potential site Saturday to voice their concerns, fearing that if the facility does become a reality, safety will be a big issue — especially since the site is just around the corner from a Boys and Girls Club and a youth baseball field.

KIRO 7 was at the Lynnwood City Council meeting on Monday where plenty of people were upset not just about the facility, but the overall history of Acadia Healthcare and how it has allegedly treated patients in the past.

City leaders at Saturday’s protest hope the Department of Health listens to peoples’ concerns about this, and also hope other branches of government step in.

“I’d like to see the governor and state legislature stop this for now,” said Lynnwood City Councilmember Jim Smith. “Put it on pause, let us figure out what we can do again to come up with a situation that people on drugs can be helped and the city, the community is not hurt.”

Despite the issues, council president George Hurst said the council may not be able to stop the facility from opening. He’s been told there is already a waitlist of 300 patients.

Protesters say the facility is needed, but not in this location.

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