Protesters, vehicles block traffic at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport; 46 arrested

Protesters were blocking traffic into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Monday afternoon.

The Port of Seattle said 46 people were arrested.

At about 3 p.m., WSDOT cameras saw several vehicles blocking the Arrivals expressway leading into the airport.

By 4 p.m., Port of Seattle police had towed several of the protesters’ vehicles and were detaining protesters.

By 4:35 p.m., travelers caught in the backup were turning around and heading out from behind the protest as the Port of Seattle police continued to detain protesters.

On WSDOT cameras, protesters were seen in zip-ties being led away from the area.

The remaining protesters appeared to be in a “sleeping dragon,” where PVC pipe and restraints were used to “tie” protesters together until officers moved them as groups to the side of the road.

Travelers are urged to use alternate routes or take the Light Rail train or public transit.

By 5:25 p.m., protesters and their vehicles were removed from the roadway.

On the WSDOT cameras, it appeared travelers with their luggage were walking past the protest to get to their flights.