Protest over Seattle Pacific University’s lifestyle policy continues after two weeks

SEATTLE — For more than two weeks, students at Seattle Pacific University have continued their protest against the university’s lifestyle policy.

That policy, which restricts teachers in same-sex relationships to work at the university, sparked an uproar among students.

Although it’s finals week at the university and students will either graduate or go off on summer break, students have vowed to continue their sit-in for as long as it takes.

Laur Lugos is days from graduation but she and other students are in for the long haul.

“We are a generation that believes really strongly in a cause. And so we are learning how to make that happen as we go. It does not end when campus shuts down. We have students who are still here who are going to continue this fight for us.”

Now, staff and even alumni have come out to show their support.

Leonnart Anders, who graduated in 2005, dropped off water bottles and ice.

“It’s inspiring. So I had to come down and express my support and bring whatever supplies I could.”

The school says it represents the Free Methodist community, a Christian denomination the school has been affiliated with since 1891.

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