Prosecution rests case as Manny Ellis trial hits halfway point

TACOMA, Wash. — The prosecution has rested their case in the trial against the three Tacoma police officers accused of killing 33-year-old Manuel Ellis in 2020.

Over the course of the trial, prosecutors focused on bringing in experts to confirm how Ellis died. They point to a ruling from a pathologist that said Ellis was killed by oxygen deprivation from being physically restrained by officers.

The three officers Christopher Burbank and Matthew Collins, both white, face charges for 2nd-degree murder and 1st-degree manslaughter, and Timothy Rankine, who is Asian-American, was charged with 1st-degree manslaughter.

Attorneys for the officers claim that drugs played a role in Ellis death.

Court will resume on Monday, Nov. 13, where the defense will begin presenting its own case.

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