‘Profoundly gifted’ 14-year-old gets job with SpaceX Starlink team in Redmond

REDMOND — Picking out a high school is usually the biggest life decision most 14-year-olds have to face. For Kairan Quazi, he’ll have far more on his plate when he starts his new job at SpaceX in Redmond as a software engineer.

At just 14 years old, Kairan will be Santa Clara University’s youngest ever graduate come June 17 before he heads up to Washington to start his new job on SpaceX’s Starlink team on July 31.

“SpaceX literally feels like a dream and I can’t wait,” he told KIRO 7.

According to the Mercury News, Kairan officially qualifies as “profoundly gifted,” with an IQ over the 99.9th percentile.

After a pediatrician told his parents that he needed a more advanced academic experience, he started at a Livermore community college at the age of 10, before transferring to Santa Clara University. While at SCU, he even acted as a tutor for older students.

Kairan’s job search culminated in 95 rejections and three offers for full-time jobs, SpaceX among them.