Preview of Snohomish County Executive candidates as they prepare to face off in primary

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. — Today we looked to Snohomish County to see who will face off tomorrow’s primary for Snohomish County Executive.

Three men are trying to make it through to the general election.

Christopher Garnett, a Democrat, spoke to us and said he works in real estate and has run small businesses. Dave Somers is the incumbent and is asking for people to return him to the county offices. Republican Bob Hagglund, a data scientist in the healthcare sector, is also trying to run.

“We as a county, our government has lost focus on the people. It’s a natural progression, organizations tend to migrate away from the core mission over time. We’ve lost the urgency to deal with immediate issues like the homelessness and drug addiction issues,” said candidate for Snohomish County Executive, Bob Hagglund.

“I felt the need to run because, currently in Snohomish County, our executive’s office has a massive budget and that budget needs to be allocated the way that it’s intended. I think we need to get the money out there we shouldn’t be holding the kind of funds that we’re holding right now,” said candidate for Snohomish County Executive, Christopher Garnett.

“We’ve got all kinds of issues that we’re grappling with in Snoho County, from homelessness and the fentanyl wave that’s hitting us, to really exciting things in Aerospace and sustainable aviation fuels. So we’ve got a lot of just trying to keep our streets safe that’s a huge one and kind of underlying that is the affordability issue with housing,” said Incumbent Candidate for Snoho County Executive, Dave Somers.

If Dave Somers is re-elected it would be his third and final term as County Executive.

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