‘Pothole Palooza’: Tacoma to fill potholes on major roads in early June

TACOMA, Wash. — Beginning June 3 through June 7, Tacoma Street Operations crews will be filling potholes on 10 arterial roadways.

According to the City of Tacoma, arterials are larger roads that handle the heaviest traffic and roads that deliver traffic between roads and freeways.

“Potholes are among the most visible signs of road damage, yet the hardworking individuals who repair them often go unnoticed,” Mayor Victoria Woodards said. “As we launch Pothole Palooza, let’s celebrate the hard work and commitment of our City employees who strive every day to make our streets safer and smoother for everyone.”

Residents should expect to see work crews, construction vehicles, signage, and traffic controls on the roads being serviced.

In 2023, crews temporarily patched 12,099 potholes and permanently repaired 2,889.

“While Pothole Palooza is just one week, we are fixing our roads every week and I hope this event will help draw attention to all that it takes to care for Tacoma’s streets,” Deputy Mayor John Hines said.

To see a list of roads being serviced, visit cityoftacoma.org.

Street Operations Division plans to continue tackling other potholes throughout the year.

To report potholes in your neighborhood, contact the TacomaFIRST 311 Customer Support Center by dialing 311 within Tacoma city limits or (253) 591-5000 from anywhere else, or visit cityoftacoma.org/TacomaFIRST311.

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