Popular breakfast spot Biscuit Bitch closing locations due to coronavirus

SEATTLE — The owner of popular breakfast chain Biscuit Bitch announced that she will be closing two out of the four locations due to the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Pioneer Square and White Center locations are shuttering for good. The location near Pike Place and in Belltown plan to reopen with small staffs when conditions allow, likely in June.

A post from owner Kimmie Spice detailed the reasons behind the closures and the difficult new landscape small businesses in Seattle are facing.

"This was the most excruciatingly painful thing I’ve ever had to do. Not only am I letting most everyone go, I’m breaking up a tight-knit family. Staff who have grown together, helped each other through life events, were accepting and welcoming when adding new members, who created a culture where differences and originality were celebrated! This is a heartbreak for me that may never mend," Spice wrote.

Read the post in its entirety here.

Spice said that Biscuit Bitch will have 10 employees when it reopens.