Gov. Inslee releases Phase 2 guidance for partially reopening dine-in restaurants

VIDEO: New guidelines out for restaurant industry

Gov. Jay Inslee released details Monday on the guidance for partially reopening dine-in restaurants in Phase 2.

Some of the requirements include:

  • Guest occupancy must be 50% of maximum building occupancy or lower.
  • All parties and tables must be 5 guests or less.
  • No bar seating is permitted.
  • Tables must be placed far enough apart when measured from occupied chair to occupied chair, to ensure dine-in guests seated at a table are a minimum of 6 feet away from guests at an adjacent table, or there must be a physical barrier or wall separating booths or tables.
  • If the restaurant offers table service, create a daily log of customers who voluntarily provide their information and maintain that daily log for 30 days, including telephone/email contact information, and time in. This will facilitate any contact tracing that might need to occur.

“No restaurant or tavern may operate indoor or sit-down services until they can meet and maintain all requirements, including providing materials, schedules and equipment required to comply,” the document stated.

Earlier in the month, Gov. Jay Inslee extended the stay-at-home order through May 31 and said the state will reopen in four phases.

The state is currently in Phase 1, although some counties have been approved for Phase 2.

Each phase will be at least three weeks.