Poll says 2 out of 3 Seattle voters are considering moving

SEATTLE — A new poll reveals two out of three Seattle voters are considering moving out of the city.

Public safety and homelessness are among the top concerns.

The poll commissioned by the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce is the second poll from the chamber in eight months that asked Seattle residents how they feel about their city.

What the 700 registered voters said is sobering.

Homelessness continues to top the list of issues for the city’s residents. Concerns about public safety are second but rose 17 points since the previous poll done in August. Housing affordability concerns were higher, too.

Andrew Thibault, who led the study, said the message is clear: the time for talk is over.

“They are telling us this over and over and over again,” said Thibault. “Something needs to be done about homelessness. Something needs to be done about public safety. Something needs to be done about affordability.”

Affordability was such as big issue that 67% of respondents said they are “actively considering” moving out of Seattle.

“I’m not excited about some of these tough numbers,” said Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce CEO Rachel Smith.

Still, Smith said she sees a silver lining.

“I’m excited that we have a very clear road map to bring this community to the place that we want it to be,” said Smith.

A former Seattle resident, who was in downtown Seattle for a visit, shared Smith’s more optimistic view.

“I don’t think it’s much different than it was before. So, I’m pleasantly surprised,” she said.

KIRO 7 reporter Deborah Horne said that woman’s opinion was the exception among the people she talked to, but she did speak with some who said they have faith in Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell and his ability to address the issues.