Police: UPS driver attacked by pit bulls near Puyallup

Police: UPS driver attacked by pit bulls near Puyallup

PUYALLUP, Wash. — A UPS driver has numerous wounds after he was attacked by four dogs as he was making a delivery just north of Orting an an area known as McMillan.

(Note: Photo of dog in story is a file photo.)

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said the driver called 911 Wednesday to report that he was being attacked by multiple pit bulls and was bleeding badly.

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When Orting Valley Fire & Rescue arrived at the home in the 15500 block of 116th Street East, the driver was reportedly cornered by the dogs against a trailer on the property that was about 75 feet inside a locked driveway gate.

Police say a relative of the dogs’ owner was there but refused to unlock the gate, so the fire department rammed it, drove to the victim and pulled him into their vehicle.

The victim, who was taken to the hospital, has multiple bite wounds on his arms, legs and hands.

Investigators recovered his boots and belt from the scene. The driver said he tried to use his belt to defend himself from the dogs and that his boots were pulled off by the animals during the attack.

Pierce County Animal Control officers and sheriff's deputies were called to the home.

Animal Control contacted the owner of the pit bulls and impounded his four dogs for a required 10 day quarantine at the Tacoma Humane Society.