Police release new body camera video of events leading up to Everett officer’s death

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. — Police have released new body camera video showing the confrontation that led to the fatal shooting of Everett police officer Dan Rocha.

The March 25 video shows Rocha’s interaction with Richard Rotter, which started peacefully but quickly spiraled out of control.

Rotter, who is awaiting trial, has been behind bars at the Snohomish County Jail without bail on a first-degree murder charge.

The video shows Rocha as he is inside a Starbucks in Everett. He then spots possible suspicious activity in the parking lot of the coffee chain and goes outside to question a man who is later confirmed to be Rotter.

Rocha says in the video, “Hey, how’s it going? Do me a favor, bro: leave the guns alone, OK?” Rotter replies, “Excuse me?” Rocha says in return, “What’s going on with the guns?”

Rotter then says, “Nothing.”

During the interaction, Rotter tries to explain to Rocha that he was just waiting for a friend to swap cars and was moving items from one vehicle to another.

Rocha spots a gun in the back of one vehicle. While pointing to the gun, Rocha states, “There’s a gun right there.”

As the interaction continues, Rocha asks for Rotter’s identification and finds out Rotter has a warrant for his arrest for domestic violence assault.

Rocha eventually tells Rotter he is not free to leave. While Rocha is waiting, Rotter tells him he is a convicted felon, which is confirmed by dispatch.

Rocha continues with the conversation and explains to Rotter that because he is a convicted felon, he is not supposed to have a gun.

Rotter then tells Rocha he was moving some of his friend’s stuff to another vehicle he had just bought.

Next, Rocha explains to Rotter he is not free to go because now he is being investigated on suspicion of unlawful possession of a firearm.

Then, Rocha tells Rotter he is being detained, and the video shows a struggle between the two ensue.

Seconds later, Rocha is shot and killed.

Court documents from April state Rotter pulled a gun and shot Rocha three times then backed over him in a car as he left the scene.

Rotter crashed the car nearly three blocks away and was taken into custody.

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