Police precincts vandalized; officer injured during Seattle protests

SEATTLE — After police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, clashed with protesters for a second night following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, protesters in Seattle targeted multiple businesses from the East to the West Precinct Monday night.

One Seattle police officer was injured during the protests that began at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill.

Police say protesters began marching from Cal Anderson Park around 9 p.m. The group moved to the West Precinct of the Seattle Police Department near 8th Avenue and Virginia Street.

People began throwing objects at the building, which broke windows and caused minor damage. Graffiti was spray painted on the building. A police vehicle was also vandalized.

Windows were smashed at multiple businesses, including the nearby Starbucks.

The group then marched back to Capitol Hill where a fire was set outside the Seattle Police East Precinct.

Around midnight Tuesday, the group returned to Cal Anderson Park and broke up.

One person was arrested for arson.

Police have not released the condition of the injured officer.

A glass repair company was at the East Precinct again Tuesday morning.

“Way, way, way more busy now, doing board-ups, clean ups, measuring broken glass – it’s just sad,” said Louie, who only wanted to be identified by his first name. “Just sad, disheartening that someone would think this is appropriate behavior to get a point across.”.

But many others, don't feel the same. Some residents in Capitol Hill say the police shooting in Wisconsin of another black man - shot seven times in his back, in front of his children - shows there's a long way to go in terms of reform

“At some point people’s frustrations boil over and they’re looking for some action, so I understand it,” said Jeff coble, a neighbor.

Many believe the protests will help drive meaningful change.

“I definitely want it to continue,” said London Jones, who works in the neighborhood. “Not just for (Jacob Blake) but for everyone. Reforming a system that’s super corrupt and super steeped in white supremacy.”

Detectives said they are also investigating an arson at an office building in the 2900 block of Fourth Avenue South where someone threw several incendiary devices, causing some damage.

It is not yet known if the incident is tied to the protests.